From Rhizomes to Resilience

We're positioning bamboo resources for 21st century sustainability.

Since 2004, Pacific Bamboo Resources (PBR) has offered leadership and served communities, governments and industries — regionally and internationally — to research and pursue practical applications for bamboo resources.

Our Mission: PBR cultivates economic activities that restore the health of our natural and built environments and, in turn, create resilient, sustainable communities across the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

With an emphasis on critical service, PBR projects focus on training, design, and direct use of innovative bamboo products to support poverty alleviation, refugee and at-risk community health and welfare improvements, and social, economic, and environmental vitality.

Equally important, our programs reflect collaborations with international partners and networks.

Bamboo For Good Projects

B4B - Bamboo For Bicycles and Transportation

B4B produces innovative bicycle and transit designs to address transportation issues to improve rural and urban livelihoods.

B4C - Bamboo For Community Infrastructure

B4C produces bamboo products for critical community needs, such as roofing sheets, park benches, bus shelters, water stations, etc.

B4H - Bamboo For Health & Medical Resources

B4H applies bamboo resources for new innovative health care products and technologies, new jobs, and new economic development.

B4YOU - Bamboo For Youth Empowerment

B4YOU provides youth training and leadership programs towards new jobs, careers and public service across Uganda and the region.

Why bamboo?

  • Bamboo is an excellent multi-functional, carbon sequestering plant
  • Bamboo can be responsibly managed and is a valuable "non-nuisance" complement to wood, plastics, and metals
  • Bamboo inspires innovation with its many qualities and attributes
  • Bamboo is a respected international resource, supporting livelihoods of a billion people around the world -- everyday
  • Why Pacific Bamboo Resources?

    As a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, our mission and interdisciplinary activities align with efforts to address issues of global climate change, sustainable economic development, and community resilience.