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PBR is on a mission to educate and apply the many uses of bamboo, as both a renewable resource and viable solution to many of the world’s most critical social and environmental issues facing us today.

Bamboo 4 Good (B4G) pursues collaborative, innovative partnerships among public and private institutions across the regions of Asia Pacific, Caribbean, the Americas, and Eastern / Central Africa to advance bamboo as a catalyst for change — working together to mobilize bamboo resources for good.

Our B4G flagship program creates partnerships that focus on critical socioeconomic, environmental, and wildlife habitat needs in many of the world’s most vulnerable regions.

Since 2004, Pacific Bamboo Resources (PBR), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, has provided leadership and served communities both domestically and internationally. We have proudly worked with NGOs, international governments, and private industries to research and pursue practical applications for bamboo resources.

Over the years Pacific Bamboo Resources and the Bamboo for Good (B4G) partners have had many successes. With help from your donations, we initiated a first-of-its-kind bamboo development project in Southwest Uganda to protect habitats of the critically endangered Mountain Gorilla. We also established in the region three new nurseries, developed training programs with local farmers, cultivated thousands of plants, and also launched a 10-acre bamboo research facility and cultivation farm, allowing us to better engage students and community members.

Along with our partners in East Africa, we are actively exploring new partnerships in the Asia Pacific and the Caribbean to expand our nurseries, introduce new training programs, and serve even more communities to protect and restore vital habitats. B4G programs continue to improve livelihoods, stabilize societies, and protect the environment with sustainable solutions. 

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