Dr. Jonathan Scherch

Jonathan M. Scherch, Ph.D., MSW
Founder & Executive Director (2004 – Present)


Jonathan leads PBR collaborations building on 25+ years of international bamboo and related social, economic, ecological, and technological contexts…

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Smitha Rao

Smitha Rao, MA, MSc
Associate Director (2015 – Present)

Smitha brings a multidisciplinary background of urban and rural community development as well as social science research and has spent more…

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Jamie Shairrick

Jamie Shairrick, MA
Technology (2016 – Present)


Jamie enjoys working at the intersection of technology, sustainability, organizational development, and foresight within non-profit and governmental organizations. He seeks out uncomfortable, trying…

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Lance Rasmussen

Lance Rasmussen, MBA
Technology (2017 – Present)


Lance has spent his career working in a niche field where software and technology meet the world of sports and currently serves as…

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