A mission to use bamboo to provide jobs and save mountain gorillas

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, in rural, southwestern Uganda, is home to the endangered mountain gorilla. Just over 1,000 of these amazing primates remain.

Poverty-stricken residents of parishes surrounding Mgahinga have been entering the park to find subsistence and resources for housing and income-generating activities. 

This action puts those residents at risk of incarceration and fines while also putting mountain gorillas at risk of losing their habitat, or worse…



In 2017, we partnered with the Uganda Wildlife Authority, the National Forestry Authority, and Kisoro District leaders to use bamboo as a resource and job provider for residents around Mgahinga – resulting in better livelihoods for community members and reduced pressure on the gorilla’s habitat.  The project was generously funded by the International Network for Bamboo & Rattan.  

After consulting with our Ugandan partners, we developed and implemented a localized plan:

Over 50 community members were trained, to be trainers, on bamboo farming and propagation techniques.  As well as ways to use bamboo as an agriculture resource and as erosion control.

Three bamboo nurseries were established by the new community trainers.  The nurseries can propagate upwards of 10,000 new bamboo seedlings yearly.

Alongside our partners, we supported the formation of the Uganda Bamboo Association as an advocate and local partner to sustain bamboo adoption in Uganda.

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