Pacific Bamboo Resources (PBR) has partnered with the Great Lakes Center for Culture, Peace, and Development (GLCPD) and Kibogora Polytechnic University to create and implement a 5-year project establishing bamboo nurseries and businesses in the Nyamasheke District of Rwanda.  

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Learn More 

The project plan has been written and finalized.  Currently, we are in the process of securing funding for the first pilot nursery and training program.  

In an effort to scale the project quickly, we are locating and seeking access to standing bamboo stock.  


Our Rwandan team members are developing business models that will use the bamboo grown in the most effective ways for the local community.

Together we aim to produce innovative bamboo products to meet critical needs.

Made in, by, and for Rwanda.  


Why Nyamasheke?

Nyamasheke faces a range of social, economic, and environmental challenges.


District Profile

Nyamasheke District is a rural area in the western portion of Rwanda – it borders Lake Kivu to the north and extends Southeast into Nyungwe Forest National Park.  According to the most recent census, the population is just shy of 400,000 individuals.   Employment in the district is massively agricultural – 73% of residents making their income from farming.


A Rwandan survey completed in 2012 revealed that of the 30 districts in the country, Nyamasheke has the second highest rates of unemployment (34%) and poverty (63%) –  with 41% of respondents identifying as extremely poor.  The district’s population is also quite young – 55% of the residents are under 19 years old.

Environmental Conditions

Kibogora Polytechnic reports that Nyamasheke is confronted with steep slopes, landslides, flooding, and watershed siltation.  These challenges are caused by climate change events and, in an attempt to create new agriculture opportunities, mass deforestation.  Though in Rwanda, The Land of a Thousand Hills, this causes further landslides and erosion.   


What benefits do we aim to achieve?

In Nyamasheke, the socio-economic and agro-environmental concerns are inextricably linked – with bamboo, we can grow holistic solutions. 


Our project with Kibogora Polytechnic will establish bamboo nurseries that will provide sustainable jobs in agriculture, processing, and manufacturing.

Strategically placed, those same nurseries will reduce deforestation rate, protect soil from erosion and depletion, and slow the siltation of waterways.

This means more useful farmland and clean water in Nyamasheke.   

As more nurseries are established, the implementation of large scale bamboo industries in Nyamasheke will be possible – further decreasing rates of unemployment and poverty. 

We hope our mission speaks to you.

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