Bamboo for Good


Bamboo For Good (B4G) pursues collaborative, innovative partnerships among public and private institutions across regions of Asia Pacific, Caribbean, the Americas, and Eastern / Central Africa -- working together to mobilize bamboo resources for good.

Uniquely well-positioned and networked, B4G is enlisting bamboo as a valuable catalyst for social empowerment, economic vitality, and environmental health.

In Eastern and Central Africa, current and prospective B4G program partnerships focus on critical social, economic, environmental, and wildlife habitat needs. In Uganda, B4G is partnering with the Mgahinga Bamboo Conservation Programme (MBCP) and Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) on education and conservation program initiatives within the Bwindi Mgahinga Conservation Area (BMCA) and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park (MGNP). Located within the Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration (GVTC) spanning Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the conservation area is home to more than half of the Mountain Gorillas in the world.

The local human population in/around Kisoro is approximately 331 people per square kilometer, creating high pressure on the park by those seeking resources for their daily livelihoods. The predominant local Arundinaria bamboo is a very important resource for the people that border the MGNP as it has multiple uses (e.g. as building material, craft, agricultural material as stakes for climbing crops and firewood for local source of energy).

To reduce such pressure from the park, the partnership is building capacity within local communities to utilize alternative methods and resources of propagating and managing bamboo growing outside the park, including training on propagation of bamboo outside the MGNP boundaries, to protect the environment and ensure access by the gorillas to their source of food.

Local communities are receiving skill training and capacity building in nursery establishment, propagation techniques, and plantation management of bamboo growing so as to reduce pressure on the fragile park ecosystem while improve relationships between communities and park management, and conserving biodiversity.


Bamboo For Good - A Social Catalyst

Bamboo For Good Projects

Bamboo For Agriculture (B4A)

To apply bamboo technology towards agriculture programs including bamboo-based agricultural tools and implements, bamboo biochar, on-farm structures, fencing, trellises, carts, and wagons, etc.

Bamboo For Bicycles & Transportation (B4B)

To produce innovative transit designs to address transportation issues to improve rural and urban livelihoods including single person bicycles, cargo solutions and combinations.

Bamboo For Community Infrastructure (B4C)

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To utilize bamboo products for critical community needs, such as roofing sheets, park benches, bus shelters, water stations, hand washing stations, etc.

Bamboo For Health & Medical Resources (B4H)

To enlist bamboo resources for new innovative healthcare products and technologies, new jobs, and new economic development, like bamboo hand washing stations, toilets, braces, crutches, and medical disposables.

Bamboo For Wildlife & Habitats (B4W)

To revitalize, restore, preserve, and sustain critical wildlife habitats, ecosystems, and resident flora and fauna across Uganda and the region.

Bamboo For Youth Empowerment (B4YOU)

To design and deliver youth training and leadership programs towards new jobs, careers, and public service across Uganda and the region.

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