Bamboo GoatBamboo is a versatile grass that has already made a huge impact worldwide, with a scope that can only get bigger. As one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, some bamboo species can grow up to half a meter per day. It absorbs more carbon than fast growing trees like eucalyptus or willows. Bamboo offers excellent carbon sequestration performance which compliments and often exceeds that of other biomass ecosystems. Not to mention the evergreen cover that can provide valuable habitats for flora and fauna.

Bamboo Gabion

At PBR, our aim is to demystify and honor bamboo, and outline its tremendous significance to our lives -- past, present and future. From primitive technologies, the use of bamboo has graduated to modern factory-based production of myriad useful products. Even when alive, bamboo provides edible shoots, fences, windbreaks, ornamentals, and a means to counter erosion and flood control (like bamboo gabions).

An ancient woody grass, Bamboo belongs to the Gramineae family and is widely distributed in tropical, subtropical and mild temperate zones. There are about 1200-1500 species of bamboo in about 90 genera. Owing to the plant’s often long flowering cycles, bamboo taxonomy poses certain challenges for scientific documentation; Taxonomists still debate the total number of bamboo species and genera.

Tibetan Monks Tend BambooBamboo’s is a fascinating story - it's significance appears around the world supporting everyday living, the environment, history, folklore and culture.