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This one-stop blog spot is all things bamboo! Each month we will cover a topic that pertains to bamboo and provide an exclusive blog article written by our team that goes into detail on our topic. Throughout each month, other articles and content that pertain to the month’s topic will be highlighted as well. Stay up to date on all things bamboo and check back in throughout the month.
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December 2021

December 2021 Newsletter Main Contributor: Pacific Bamboo Resources  Other Contributors: Jonathan Scherch, Steven Boldt, Bill Eisele, Arthur LindhjemWhere We're Going  Over the past two years, humanity has faced a pandemic of unprecedented scale. COVID had forced us...

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February 2021

Bamboo for Education    Main Contributor: Sarah Stuttaford  Other Contributors: Sara Hamann, Apsana Kafle, Arthur LindhjemEducation in Youth  Before Covid-19, UNESCO reported that one out five children, aged 6-17, were not in school. In Sub-Saharan Africa, one out of...

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January 2021

Bamboo for Fashion & Cosmetology   Main Contributor: Apsana Kafle  Other Contributors: Sara Hamann, Sarah Stuttaford, Arthur Lindhjem Generally, the word bamboo makes us think of lush green forests, beautiful architectural structures, or a source of food/fodder....

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December 2020

Bamboo and Species Conservation  Main Contributor: Sarah Hamann Other Contributors: Apsana Kafle, Sara Stuttaford, Arthur Lindhjem Bamboo and Species Conservation  What do pandas, rhinos, gorillas, elephants, and tigers all have in common? At least one type of their...

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November 2020

Bamboo for Youth Empowerment   Main Contributor: Sarah Stuttaford Other Contributors: Apsana Kafle, Sara Hamann, Arthur Lindhjem Youth Unemployment  Numerous rural communities lack diversified employment opportunities, particularly for youth. These youth eligible for...

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October 2020

Bamboo for Disaster Risk Reduction & Resilience  Main Contributor: Apsana Kafle Other Contributors: Sarah Stuttaford, Sara Hamann, Arthur Lindhjem Bamboo for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience  Disaster is a sudden, natural, or human-induced calamitous event...

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