Kenya Pilot Project 


The Bamboo Pilot Project (2013-2016)
Maranga County, Kenya
A partnership that introduced bamboo as a cash crop, carpentry resource, and sustainable fuel source to women in south-central Kenya.

“In Kenya, more than 80% of the rural population depends on charcoal for everyday cooking. Less than 2% of Kenya’s forest cover remains and, if the remaining forest is to be conserved, new sustainable alternatives for wood and wood products need to be identified. New generation bamboo plantations also have the potential to be part of the climate change solution as well as to help secure energy and rural livelihoods through the development of bamboo-based businesses.” – David Kamou, The Greenbelt Movement

The Kenya Bamboo Project was highlighted in a 2014 documentary film
produced by The Climate Reality Project



This bamboo project was initiated by Waterstone Norway AS and the Greenbelt Movement (GBM) and made possible by generous financial support from the Lennox Foundation.  Pacific Bamboo Resources was asked to join the project in a consulting and fiscal agency role. 

In the spring of 2013, 24 GBM-affiliated women and their families were trained in four workshops on bamboo planting and nursery management.  After training, the women planted over 1,200 bamboo seedlings on two pilot plots that were made available by GBM.  

Over the coming months, the women and their families successfully managed the plots and were given additional training on bamboo carpentry and the use of bamboo as an energy source. 

Over 2,000 new seedlings were propagated from the initial plants and GBM provided additional land for new bamboo plots.  Once mature, the bamboo culms were used in the community for energy biomass and entrepreneurial endeavors.  The women and the partners are thrilled with the success of the project and the interest it has caused – other area farmers have begun stopping by to see what all the bamboo fuss is about.   

The Kenya Bamboo Project was highlighted in a 2014 documentary film produced by the Climate Reality Project, you can check that out here.

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