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From 2012-2016, PBR in partnership with Antioch University Seattle and Seattle BioChar supported the development of Morethana Farm, a six-acre farm and “outdoor classroom”, located in Woodinville, WA. The farm provided opportunities for students and community members to learn and pursue permaculture design and agroforestry methods, enjoy a robust on-site educational facility, participate in training programs, and grow new community collaboration on and beyond the farm.
PBR led the initiative with the intent of acquiring the resources for eventually handing-off the farm program (and all of its equipment, structures, and resources) to a new sustainable agriculture host, as a durable investment in advancing sustainable agriculture, next-generation farmer training, and critical regional food security.
The project was a complete success! Having fulfilled various program objectives, like:

Project Background:  

  • offering biochar training workshops and creating biochar products on-site;
  • building field classroom and greenhouse structures;
  • hosting students of all ages and community service groups; and
  • producing bushels of fresh vegetables for local food banks and public markets;
— we gave away the farm (literally) to a new innovative organization!
Check out the SAgE Program and their Student Farm (including the formerly known as Morethana Farm).

In 2012, we offered a series of popular biochar training workshops, with the generous funding support of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

Here is a video, produced by PBR volunteers, showcasing the teamwork in building our greenhouse. Thanks again to Seattle Rotary Club for their generous financial and volunteer support for our greenhouse.
Permaculture Design (PD) is a practical, creative, whole-system design approach – spanning urban/rural, city/country settings – for meeting our needs of food, energy, shelter and materials, and the social, economic, ecological, and educational contexts that support them.  Morethana Farm introduced and demonstrated high-performing (and fun) PD methods, including:
  • Collaborative design and installation of integrated system features and functions;
  • On-site and continuous composting and vermicomposting;
  • Biochar education, processing, and field applications;
  • Annual and perennial planting and harvesting;
  • Designs for efficient water, energy, and labor;
  • Educational and research activities spanning seasons throughout the year.

Thanks to all who join us at Morethana Farm!

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