• Buckminster Fuller Challenge

    In 2009, the Buckminster Fuller Institute announced that PBR was among thirty-three outstanding international finalists for the prestigious Buckminster Fuller Challenge — an award for distinctive and timely design proposals for social, economic and environmental change and sustainability. Finalists are providing workable solutions to some of the world’s most significant

  • Kenya Pilot Project

    In partnership with PBR, this bamboo Initiative in Kenya was initiated by Waterstone Norway AS and made possible by generous financial support from the Lennox Foundation. Two pilot plots for growing bamboo were made available by the Greenbelt Movement (GBM), and GBM-affiliated women groups planted bamboos procured from Kitil Farm. Four training workshops were designed and delivered to support

  • Morethana Farm

    Morethana Farm in Woodinville, WA was a six-acre farm being transformed from fields of invasive grass species to a diverse and robust Permaculture testing ground.  The Farm provided an opportunity to pursue Permaculture Design and agroforestry methods, convene an on-site educational “field lab,” training programs, and engage community collaboration on