The Reason for Bamboo 

Community Builder:  

Bamboo supports safer, more resilient communities through industry and income creation.

Growing regional resilience.

Communities across the globe are impacted by high unemployment rates, widespread poverty, and food insecurity.  People need effective, sustainable solutions, fast.  When implemented properly, bamboo programs and industries not only provide food and resources, they provide economic development that transforms lives.  

From small bamboo stands to full-scale plantations, from handicrafts to industrial manufacturing facilities, bamboo is a fast-growing industry.  In 2019, the global market for bamboo was valued at $72 billion – by 2026 it is expected to grow to $100 billion!  (source)  

Here at PBR, we aim to position bamboo to help communities that need it most.

Climate Change Mitigator:  

Bamboo forests sequester carbon, restore degraded land, and protect watersheds from erosion and landslides.

This Grass IS Greener.

It is clear our planet is going through some serious changes – mass deforestation, soil degradation, habitat destruction, increased natural disasters, rising sea levels – and while there is no quick fix, we believe bamboo is a starting point.

Bamboo grows up to 40 times faster than hardwoods and releases up to 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere, all while providing similar carbon sequestration ability.  Increasing adoption of bamboo reduces the logging of existing forests, which protects ecosystems and encourages reforestation.

Stands of bamboo stabilize soil resulting in a myriad of positive effects.  Topsoil erosion is reduced and steep slopes are less prone to landslides and flooding.  Soil fertility is improved and siltation of waterways is reduced; meaning more productive farmland and clean water. 

Renewable Resource:  

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