Get to know all about us

Since 2004, Pacific Bamboo Resources (PBR) has served communities, governments and industries — regionally and internationally — to research and pursue practical applications for bamboo resources. A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, our mission and activities align with efforts to address issues of global climate change, sustainable economic development, and community resilience.

Why bamboo?

  • bamboo is an excellent multi-functional, carbon sequestering stock;
  • bamboo can be responsibly managed and a valuable “non-nuisance” habitat element;
  • bamboo inspires innovation via application of its adaptable, durable qualities;
  • bamboo is an international friend crossing continents, cultures and communities;
  • bamboo offers new means of addressing critical social, economic and ecological concerns.

Innovation is PBR!

In 2009, the Buckminster Fuller Institute announced that PBR was among thirty-three outstanding international finalists for the prestigious Buckminster Fuller Challenge — an award for distinctive and timely design proposals for social, economic and environmental change and sustainability. Finalists are providing workable solutions to some of the world’s most significant challenges including water scarcity, food supply, and energy consumption.

See the BFI Idea Index for more information.

Building on this foundation, PBR research projects and programs explore:

  • agroforestry and international / domestic cultivation best-practices;
  • organic, pesticide-free methods
  • no-hassle planting / growing / harvesting regimes
  • ecological restoration and habitat protection
  • manufacturing and related technology innovations;
  • clean process best-practices
  • CNC and 3D printing applications
  • carbon fiber materials and uses
  • low / high-tech production processes
  • new industry partnerships and applications
  • maritime
  • aerospace
  • transportation
  • utilities and municipal infrastructure
  • residential / commercial building and construction
  • disaster response and security

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