African Great Lakes

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The Great Lakes Region is named for the extensive network of freshwater lakes and rivers and the surrounding territories in central and eastern Africa. Composed of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, and portions of Kenya and Tanzania, the Great Lakes Region (GLR) is a vast and complex area.

Despite the definitive borders of the countries, political, ecological, and economic ties draw the region close together.  This closeness is amplified by the unfortunate conflicts and common fundamental issues that link these post-colonial societies further.

Climate Change

As a result of climate change, extreme weather is becoming an issue in the region – heavier rainy seasons contribute to landslides and flooding, longer droughts increase pressure on farmland and natural resources.  As stated by the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD), land disputes and poverty are unfortunate results of the political and weather conditions here, as well as forced migration – all of the GLR nations have taken refugees from the other nations.

Current Actions 

These growing pains are being tackled head-on by organizations like the Great Lakes Center for Culture, Peace, and Development. GLCPD was founded in Rwanda in 2009 to help secure stability in the region through peacebuilding, socio-economic advancement, and environmental protection.  We at Pacific Bamboo Resources are inspired by the work GLCPD is doing and we have partnered with them to develop a scalable program that uses bamboo to help create jobs and fight climate change in Rwanda and elsewhere in the region.  Check out our B4G: Rwanda page to learn more.

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