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The Asia Pacific Islands extend from the large islands of the Indonesian Archipelago in the west to the tiny islands of Polynesia in the east. Equivalent to about 20% of the Earth’s surface, this massive area also includes the Phillippine Archipelago to the north and the central-southern regions of Micronesia and Melanesia.  

While these islands share similar successes, they also face similar challenges. As reported by the World Bank, the 2019 World Risk Report lists 5 of the top 20 countries most at risk to climate change and natural disasters were Asia Pacific Island nations. Rising sea levels, more intense rain and drought cycles, and increasing temperatures are having major impacts on the socio-economic stability in the region.

Populations are experiencing food and water shortages and climate-caused migration, while whole ecosystems are experiencing deforestation, soil depletion, unsustainable development, and a reduction in biodiversity.  

While the challenges are daunting, Asia Pacific Islands and their leaders are forging a path forward. On the world stage, their science and experience helped shape the Paris Climate Agreement. On the local level, communities are actively seeking new agricultural methods and ecosystem-based adaptation practices.  Inspired by their innovation and leadership, Pacific Bamboo Resources is pursuing partnerships with organizations and governments to implement bamboo-based solutions across the region.


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