Why Bamboo – And Why Transportation & Logistics?

B4T will build on the vision and capacities of its sister programs to collaboratively design, manufacture, and distribute critical bamboo products made of regionally grown bamboo, and made by a regionally-trained and employed workforce. Our public/private partnerships will create new business opportunities throughout East Africa, affiliated with B4T, and devoted to producing quality bamboo products in support of critical community needs.

What is Critical?

Every B4T transport accessory produced will represent the B4G mission and related system of beneficial impacts. Our products will, directly and indirectly, contribute to improving the quality of life for all. Indeed, we view the resolution of poverty and economic hardship, and general social empowerment, as critical to the successful, sustainable future of the region and the planet.

Every day, across East Africa, millions of people, their families, and their home communities face challenges of inadequate transportation and mobility, resulting in personal hardship, lost economic potential, and over-reliance on expensive public transport systems. Further, indications of current and future climate change impacts call for us to reduce our petrol emissions to ensure that our children can inherit and enjoy a world in good health. These and other issues of transport represent opportunities for innovation and action.

This intersection is precisely where bamboo has the potential to become an economic and social catalyst. Local, versatile, fast-growing, and strong – bamboo resources can bring new jobs, new products, new economic development, and new beginnings for people and communities throughout the region.