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Located between North and South America in the far west reaches of the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean is an extensive archipelago of more than 7,000 islands. Although the region boasts robust diversity across its 13 sovereign nations, multiple territories, and 44 million inhabitants, unfortunately, two of the strongest unifying forces affecting the people of all the islands today are climate change and rapidly dwindling resources.

Compared with other areas, the Caribbean is experiencing the effects of climate change at an ever-quickening pace due to rising sea levels and more frequent, more severe weather events. In 2018, The World Bank reported that natural disasters cause, on average, annual losses of 2.5% of GDP per island in the region.  Making the Caribbean, when compared to the rest of the world, 10 times more susceptible to loss from increasing climate change.

Islands are naturally isolated and access to resources is normally challenging, let alone when rebuilding after a hurricane. High debt rates, increasing dependence on imported goods, and population displacement are affecting many Caribbean communities like never before. Deforestation for building supplies, fuel, and farmland is speeding up on many islands and taking wildlife habitats with it.  

Yet despite these challenges, the Caribbean Islands are becoming role models for their world: actively pursuing climate change mitigation and community resiliency. Pacific Bamboo Resources is ready to join the cause, positioning its programs to be readily applied in the Caribbean, where bamboo grows easily.

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